Stories For

All of Us

Jambo Book Club sends your child two beautiful high-quality books each month that stars a child of color in an engaging story. 

Jambo makes it easy to add fun multicultural children’s books to your home library.

Give your child the gift of reading stories that represent modern America.

Great Stories

Jambo curators comb through tons of books to find the absolute best for your child.

Ethnically Diverse

Jambo sends multicultural books with  characters who represent all American children.


Jambo Books selects books that are fun and will engage young imaginations.


Each book is tailored to your child's age, so that your child can enjoy the stories.

How It Works

1. Tell Us About Your Child

Choose your child's age or reading level.

2. We curate your books

Jambo selects books appropriate for your child's age and reading level.

3. Enjoy monthly books

Gorgeous high-quality books will come every month, addressed to your child.

What's in the Box?

Jambo Book Club is a multicultural book club that sends your child one high-quality book each month that stars a child of color in a fun story. The stories are chosen to emphasize that all people are equal, even though we differ on the outside. 

The stories also show that people of color can star in stories that aren't historical or cultural in focus. The typical story arc is more "Maria adopts a dog" or "Evan and friends get pizza after baseball."

The book comes in gorgeous packaging and is addressed to your child, who will be excited to receive a package in the mail.

Jambo Book Club makes it easy for you to share the gift of reading with a child.